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Broadcast Quality Video Production.

We offer a variety of professional HD Video Production services to suit any project, event, or marketing goal. Our portfolio spans everything from international television broadcasts, live events, commercials, promotional videos, instructional, web video, and more. For more information about our video services, Click Here


View some of our sample work below:


Michael Shane Media - Highlight Reel

Corporate & Commercials

Promo Video - TMC Recording Studio
Promo Video - Client: Ideashares
Promo Video - Client: Yortstine Group

Creative & Motion Graphics

Opening Sequence - Comedy Night @ Music Village
Opening Sequence - iShine KNECT Concert Series
Opening Sequence - Message of the Cross with Arthur Blessitt

Promo Video - Client: ALIVE New York

Opening Sequence - Client: Thou Shalt Laugh 5

iTopix - iShine KNECT TV Segment

1MV Music Promo - Client: JCTV

Open Elements by Don Dartt

Classic Petra LIVE - End Tag - Client: TBN Networks

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